Maintenance Of Stock Is A Laborious Process In An MHRA Approved Warehousing UK Service

Maintaining stock could be a problem irrespective of whether it is a drug warehousing facility or any other kind of storage space. One has to constantly keep thinking about the various problems that could arise while storing something as vital as medicines and drugs. To ensure that the MHRA approved warehousing UK service is following a certain protocol while maintaining stock, there are specific steps that are taken to ensure that there is periodic and thorough checking of stock in a facility. Usually, there is a process that is referred to as stock reconciliation. Basically, this involves a physical verification of whatever stock is available within the storage facility against the available records. Once this report is ready, it is made available to the concerned authorities and is used as documentary evidence when required. If there are any other kinds of discrepancies that come up during the stock verification, these are to be recorded too. In fact, it is these discrepancies that are examined during internal and third-party audits.

Partially Opened Stock

This is another problem that has to be dealt with in a storage area. Very often, there are partly used containers or partially used products that are stored in the approved warehouse. When such kind of containers are used, it is necessary to ensure that these are securely closed once again and sealed to prevent any kind of spoilage or contamination that might happen during an extended period of storage. Also, it is important to remember that these half-open containers should leave the facility or the storage area before the rest or unopened containers are dispatched.


To ensure that outdated drugs are not dispatched along with ones that can be currently used, the stock verification authorities are very stringent and strict about maintaining records of outdated drugs. Once these are updated on the system, there is a process in place that ensures that these outdated drugs are disposed of in the proper way. A similar process is followed when some drugs have to be returned either to the manufacturer or the distributor from where they have come. The personnel who work in this approved facility are completely aware of the protocol to be followed while dealing with drugs that have to be returned either because they are outdated, broken, or for any other reason.

Though stock maintenance is something that is laborious and challenging, in today’s technology-enabled world, most of this job is done through automation and automated software.

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