Learn How To Avoid Unsecure Networks – Check Out Bustatheif Now

All of us have, at some time or the other, had to wait for long hours in an airport or station. This could be because our mode of transport has got delayed or just that we got in a bit early. Whatever the reason may be, sitting in a terminal waiting for a long time to get up and leave could be one of the most frustrating things that could happen to anyone. Today, this has been further compounded by the fact that the pandemic does not allow you to sit in close proximity people and have a small chat with them. You need to maintain social distancing norms that do not allow you any kind of social interaction. This is when you feel the need to log into an unsecured network. Bustathief can tell you what can go wrong if you do.

Airport Access

Most airports in the world boast of Wi-Fi networks that have tremendous speeds and the ability to keep you connected, irrespective of the corner of the airport in which you are seated. Since you know that your flight is delayed, you settle into a comfortable chair, hoping that your phone will pick up the network that is provided at the airport. You are so happy when that happens because you realize that you do not have to spend any of your precious data to get online. You have not yet realized that by accessing this public network, you are compromising your identity and could easily become a victim of identity theft, something that can be both dangerous to yourself and your finances as well.

The Terms And Conditions

If there is one thing that we detest, it is to read that long list of terms and conditions that show up on our phones when we try to log into public networks. Since we want to just get it over and done with, we do not read anything at all. This could be one of the most mindless things that we do – we just click the I agree button and then sail into highspeed internet, without realising that you have just entered a minefield of possible scams. You need to go through the various case studies of people who have faced a lot of misery because of this to understand how things can go wrong.

The next time you are in an airport, waiting for your flight to take off, please do not sign in to the public network – even if it is free.

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