The US Post Office Change Of Address Facility Has Never Been Easier

Working with a government authority has never been this easy. When you decide that you have to move your location, you realise there are many things that you have to do other than actually fixing up the packers who will have to come and do the job of packing, loading, and unpacking. This can be a terrible experience if you don’t have the right kind of help to assist you in moving to the new location. Things become even more complicated if you have decided to move with your entire family; you have been living in a particular house for quite a long time and there are so many things that you have collected over the last ten to twelve years. There is one silver lining in this menacing dark cloud and that is the formality of intimating your change of address. With the US post office change of address facility, this has now become quite an easy task.

The Local Post Office

This is not a place that you might have frequented while staying in a particular location. Today, it has become quite important because you have to inform them that you are no longer going to be within their jurisdiction. Therefore, the first thing that you have to do is to visit this post office and request them for the Mover’s Guide. Once you have this in your hand you will find the relevant forms that will help you register your change of address. Specifically, there is a form – number 3575 – that has to be filled up and submitted to them. This form allows you to inform them that there is a new address that you will be staying in from a specific date. Once you have filled this form, go back to the post office, and drop it off in a space that is designated. The system works so seamlessly that you will receive a confirmation letter at your new location, within five business days.

Spread The Word

Now that you have realised that this is quite an easy procedure, it would only be fair to share this helpful information with as many people as you can. If there are friends and relatives who are planning to move from their current locations either for work or other reasons, please tell them to visit the postal office and submit the necessary forms.

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