How To Purchase Hang Drums?

The Hang Drums or hand pans as they are also called are a percussive musical instrument that has been in the field for the past twenty years. Invented in the year 2000 by a pair of expert tuners in Switzerland, they are widely used by music enthusiasts all over the world.

These musical instruments owe their success to the fact that they work on a rather simple principle and are easy to play. To put it in simple terms, these instruments are formed by firmly fixing two hemispheres into UFO-shaped musical equipment.

How and where do you buy hang drums?

The hang drums have received tremendous popularity over the years. However, despite the growing popularity, they are not mass-produced.

One reason could be because these instruments are handmade, which means that it is difficult to find good quality products in the market. Even if you can locate them, you may not be able to get the quality that you are looking for.

The best way to purchase a good quality hang drum is by getting in touch with a reputed manufacturer directly. You may have to spend some time and effort to contact a genuine manufacturer or dealer.

Due to the popularity of the instrument, many merchants are offering sub-standard products in the market. The chances of you being convinced to buy a poor quality instrument are high, so you have to be extra careful before you make your purchase.

Once you have made contact with a genuine manufacturer, you will be able to speak directly to the tuner as experts with sound experience run most of these companies. Since most of these are handmade; the manufacturers don’t hold a large stock. The ideal situation is for you to place an order with the manufacturer and wait for it to be delivered.

However, there are a few reputed brands that sell their products online through online shops or local shops. Whatever be the method adopted by the seller, the final decision rests with you. You have to choose the brand that you prefer, and mind you there are a few very strong brands in the market that sell excellent instruments.

The hang drum or hand pan requires tremendous skills to make. A lot of time is required to bring it to the quality that is required. Only skilled artisans can bring out the quality expected of it and this has pushed the price of these instruments rather high.

A quality hand pan could easily cost a few thousand dollars, You should not be carried away by the highly affordable products that are also available in the market. Chances are that they would become decorative pieces in your home rather than a musical instrument. So be extra careful and rely only on well-known brands.

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