Get To Know What The Features Of A Good Drywall Rainscreen Are

Construction technology has made tremendous leaps in the recent past, with a slew of materials that have become popular. From innovative infrastructural frameworks to indigenous building materials, there is so much to choose from. Protecting a building from the elements has become a top priority now with weather and climatic conditions becoming quite unpredictable. One of the most commonly found innovations that are being used across the world is a drywall rainscreen. This is a sort of external cover that can be fitted onto any kind of wall. The function of such a contraption is to deflect rainwater and any other climatic element that generally reduces the longevity of a wall or external construction. There are various kinds of materials that are used to make a rainscreen. You could have one made of aluminium or one made of glass. What one needs to look for is durability and ease of installation.

Rainscreen Fixing

Before concentrating on the fixing of a rainscreen, it is necessary to have the entire surface measured correctly. This is the one area that is usually messed up by inexperienced cladding workmen. Since a wall is likely to have openings for doors and windows, it is crucial to have measurements that are accurate in every way. Also, one needs to remember that while placing a rainscreen, there will be a small gap between the wall and the cladding. This is to ensure that there is natural evaporation that happens and there is some amount of natural drainage of water. Since the main job that the rainscreen performs is deflecting water, it is important to use materials that do not absorb any water – as the whole purpose will be defeated. Generally, it is important to know that a rainscreen is not just the cladding that is fixed, but the whole system of creating a barrier that protects the building or in some cases gives it a new and renewed appearance.

Estimates Are Important

The kind of material that is to be used for cladding could determine the cost of fixing a rainscreen for your building or wall. There are some who would prefer to have cladding on only one side of the building to create an impressive façade. In this case, too it is necessary that an estimate is generated so that you know the amount of money you would have to put aside for this purpose.

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